It is vital to have a strong proficiency in English to succeed in today’s competitive world, particularly in the workplace. Moreover, it is the global language of communication in almost every aspect, like business, education, politics, culture, entertainment, international relations, etc. Now there are English learning applications available that allow learning English online at home using smartphones. Then, why not?

Speaking English is like an additional perk to your curriculum vitae. It is the predominant corporate language. As a result, speaking English fluently with your peers and colleagues will benefit you. Furthermore, many businesses today require an employee fluent in English to communicate effectively.

According to a LinkedIn survey, almost 90% of HR Directors, CMOs, and CEOs answered that possessing English-speaking employees benefits their enterprises.

Speaking English gives you the power to communicate with confidence and express yourself. You can effectively share with everyone from the board of directors to the junior staff. According to a study, many companies require employees to have excellent English speaking skills.

Employees who can communicate effectively and negotiate with English-speaking clients make their skill set more appealing to companies that conduct global business. In addition, employees who speak English can often command higher salaries.

Many significant companies worldwide require their employees to communicate in English. In some instances, businesses need their employees to communicate solely in English. Employees must speak English because people worldwide communicate and interact in it. You should be fluent in English if you want to work in tourism, travel, or hospitality. Not just them, but in almost all occupations, English is essential.

If you are good at English, you can earn potentially more than those who are not. According to US research, those who speak English as a second language can command a wage increase of up to 30%, while those who have mastered it can command a wage increase of 67%.

Having a second language is extremely valuable regarding employment prospects, and being bilingual, especially in English, will put your application ahead of monolingual candidates. And the employment opportunities for those who speak English as a second language will only grow more and more.

It says that over 50% of the pages on the internet are in English, so if you are someone whose job is more into research, then not knowing English is a significant disadvantage for you. Therefore, you should start learning English so that you have access to more information.

English proficiency can give you lots of liberating confidence and the ability to convey yourself in English at work. Moreover, it provides additional benefits and opportunities to advance your professional life. According to one study, the number of companies worldwide that require employees with excellent English speaking skills is rising exponentially.

So it would be for your betterment if you got on to improve English as quickly as possible so that you can get better job opportunities, succeed, and become confident.

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