It just so happens that the English language has been adopted as the international language for business and, like it or not, your child needs to acquire English fluency if they are to realize their full potential. Thai students generally have issues with English, not because they are not diligent, rather due to a lack of exposure to the language – the average Thai student studies English one hour per day, which isn’t a lot, plus they have no real opportunity for free practice, which is an essential part of learning a new language.

Start Young

Children have this uncanny ability to soak up knowledge and the sooner your son or daughter is exposed to English, the better. Kindergarten is the best time to introduce your child to an international program and if you would like to find an American Kindergarten school, Google is your best friend. The teachers are recruited directly from the US and they deliver the American curriculum, which is globally recognized as the best.

Practice at Home

Even if you yourself are not a fluent English speaker, using the language with your child will give them valuable practice and combined with 6 hours a day at school, this is more than enough to develop a good understanding of English. The other thing that will happen is your English-speaking abilities will also develop and that is never a bad thing, while other members of the family will also benefit. Watch educational documentaries and movies in English and when in the car, listen to English language radio, as every little helps.

Encourage Foreign Friendships

You could help your child find foreign kids and strike up an online relationship, which offers more benefits than simply language acquisition, as your child will gain deeper understanding of foreign cultures. They can have Skype calls and send each other emails and over the years, the friendship will develop and who knows? One day they might actually meet up!

Make English Fun

It is never a good idea to force kids to learn anything; there’s a risk of them developing a dislike for learning in general and a 5-year old will not understand if you try to explain to them why English is important for their future. Play games in English and watch cartoons on YouTube, as all this adds to the language environment you are trying to create.

If you would like to learn more about international education and why it is such an important thing for a child, start with a Google search to locate an American international school in your area.

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