It is a simple fact that an interested and engaged student will take in more knowledge than one sitting there bored in the classroom. Having fun creates memories that stick in the mind, so creating lessons that are fun and grab and maintain the attention and encourage activity and interaction have a greater effect than merely listening.

The schools that run along those lines will achieve better results for their students, which in turn improves their reputation and makes it a seat of learning that parents yearn to send their kids to. Even more so, if a school happens to embrace the superb opportunities on offer provided by curriculum travel.

  • Curriculum travel is basically learning in a different location and is a proven way of achieving improved results. Organised by a company that has provided such tours for hundreds of schools during their 30 years of operations, it guarantees that the national curriculum is adhered to and that not a second of school learning time is lost.
  • The big difference is the location, as the firm runs tours to some of the most exciting places in the world, including the USA, across all of Europe and much of Asia as well as New Caledonia and New Zealand. Teaching in these places allows tutors over a period of 7 to 13 nights to create an emotional connection with traditional school subjects by using local examples to get the message across.
  • Students are naturally more engaged when learning a different language if they have the chance to use it where it is spoken. They will take on board geography and history if they see it for themselves in real life, sometimes through visits to museums. Every day of the trip will hold their attention as they smile and understand more about the world around them helped by the knowledge that the tour agents specialise in sustainable travel to aid the environment.
  • As well as benefiting from learning from the curriculum, life skills will also be enhanced when meeting local people and seeing how they go about their everyday lives. The opportunities to try new foods and make friends, and gain new interests are all invaluable in the process of maturing towards adulthood.
  • Free time will be relished too, especially if the school also allows for the arranging of sports fixtures against the hosts, while those fascinated by the performing arts will also open their minds and engage with what is before them.
  • The tour offers a greater scope for teachers to get their messages across in a way that will captivate their classes as they see their tutors in another way allowing a firmer bond to be built which will benefit on returning to Australia. Students will also learn to coexist in different surroundings and learn the art of compassion and empathy when travelling as a group.

Students are guaranteed to be enthused and strive for greater results when enjoying a curriculum tour as their knowledge is advanced while they are having fun.

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