Independent Christian On-Line Academy (ICOLA) is definitely an on-line tutoring organization which will provide Christian secondary extra education (7-12) for college students attending public schools within the U . s . States.

There’s an absolute need. At this time public schools have separated church and condition so much to ensure they are defacto Godless institutions. When they tell you they are religious neutral, that’s a complete impossibility.

“Religion” isn’t a word that simply describes a belief in God but additionally any belief about God. Atheism is thus not too little religion but instead a faith of their own. Materialism is another religion so that as is witchcraft and also the occult.

Within the movie “The Exorcist”, the robot, C-3-P-O, states: “I’m shutting lower now”. The device was “off” and remained this way until it had been switched back “on”.

Youngsters are nothing like robots. You can’t turn them “on” nor “off”. Neither are you able to turn their learning “on” nor “off”. They’ll be researching God and Christian values all the time, whether in public places school or otherwise.

Youngsters are learning machines. They determine what they see, hear, and do. Additionally they learn the things they’re doing avoid seeing, the things they’re doing not hear, and the things they’re doing not do.

For God from what public school teaches, that doesn’t leave the teaching about God to church and family but affirmatively teaches that God doesn’t have any devote public existence.

ICOLA is going to be serving as a tutoring provider with the exception that the tutoring will be performed inside a group session online both like a monitored forum as well as a peer self-help study group. The scholars is going to be likely to Public School classes throughout the day after which sign up after school hrs for any scheduled 1 hour group session after which informally having a smaller sized study group as preferred as well as needed.

You will see five 1 hour sessions every week, one for each one of the four primary classifications of Math, British, History, and Science plus one particularly for Christianity. The intention would be to have sufficient faculty staff to copy each course offered in public places school for grades seven through twelve having a limitation of approximately 25 students per session.

The item from the program would be to enhance learning through mastery and enrichment of subject material together with supplying and supporting Christian values.

The Christian content that ICOLA is going to be presenting what’s present with both Catholics and Bible believing Protestants inside the topics of Bible history, church history, 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and also the Apostles’ Creed.

Where Catholics and Protestants have differing understandings on these topics, each will be provided.

To make sure fairness, people of major Bible believing groups are asked to be ICOLA’s Board of Company directors.

Teaching concerning ordinances as well as sacrements is going to be left towards the students’ particular places of worship.

In summary:

Get most of the advantages of a Christian Education while attending public school.

Help infuse Christian values in to the public school system.

Help bring the united states to its roots like a Christian nation.

Help Christian youth to to take their place in leadership as opposed to just employees.

This information is a proactive approach.

If you possess the sources and believe this can be done yourself either individually or together with your

present Christian organization, don’t hesitate to follow this model.

If you want what ICOLA does, please come along.

If you’re now attending public school, be a student yourself.

If you possess the credentials, be a teacher.

Lead towards the cause.

Douglas R. Manley, Founder and Director of ICOLA, includes a BS degree in Secondary Education, an MS degree in Physics, an Master of business administration running a business Administration and holds a lasting Teaching Certificate for Mathematics and Science in Secondary Schools.

We have spent like a Physicist for the us government and teaching at Fairleigh Dickinson College, Doug continues to be self-employed for many of his career.

Doug believes that you can’t judge education on the purely academic basis. Values which are trained both at home and in church should not be trampled on with a school system attempting to be both politically correct and lacking associated with a religious expression.

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