It might not seem like it, but the academe can be quite competitive when it comes to research publications. Hiring professional academic proofreading services can boost your paper’s chances of being published in revered journals such as PLOS One for the sciences and the Journal of Consumer Research for humanities. Also, academic proofreaders ensure that your paper is free from typos, misplaced commas, and much more.

Academic Proofreading vs. Editing

Both academic proofreading and editing are essential in academic writing. Academic proofreading services act as the “final check” before publication, where a proofreader checks for misspellings, incorrect punctuation, etc. On the other hand, academic editing improves the clarity, readability, and overall tone of the paper.

Benefits of Academic Proofreading Services

Increase Chances of Publication

Nearly two million papers are published every year in about 30,000 journals. It is estimated that 62% of those papers are rejected at least once before being published. Considering how competitive the field of research can be, it’s best to polish your paper to perfection to increase its chances of being published in a respectable journal.

It Clarifies the Message

An error-free paper is easier on the eyes. Another benefit of hiring academic proofreading services is that it declutters your work. Professional proofreaders will help remove unnecessary and repetitive information so that your readers can clearly understand your message at the first glance.

It Gives You Confidence

Have you ever felt anxious turning in a paper? Academic proofreading services can give you the confidence you need in submitting your work. Professional proofreaders will edit your paper line-by-line to transform your output into a high-quality paper. This meticulous service guarantees that professors, examiners, journal reviewers, etc. won’t have a difficult time comprehending your work.

It Improves Your Writing

Aside from checking your spelling, punctuations, and grammar, academic proofreaders will also enhance your paper’s academic tone. With the use of informal language becoming increasingly common, academic proofreading services can make your paper sound “smart” by using field-specific terms and the like.

It Complies with Prescribed Standards

Certain journals require certain styles for citation, such as the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago. You should consider hiring a professional academic proofreader who is familiar with the citation style required by your preferred journal. They can help make sure that your work meets their prescribed guidelines, especially if you aren’t familiar with all citation styles.


Whether you’re writing a paper as a requirement in university, or you’re aiming to publish your work in a renowned research journal, academic proofreading services can ensure that your paper is presented properly.

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